Hello Bachelors and Bachelorettes.

I should be typing my 4 page paper about immigration reform instead of writing a blog, but fuck it. I’m in my early-20’s and still in college . Whoops. I should’ve graduated about 2 years ago, but I’ll save that for another blog.

I am unemployed…The title didn’t give it away did it? I did the most ignorant thing and quit my job last August. I had been working there for 2 years and just couldn’t take it anymore. I learned every position in the office, barely got paid or hours, and didn’t have a desk! Now I don’t know which was worse not having a desk or not being fulltime/paid properly. They both sucked, but I probably would’ve stayed longer if I had a desk.

One warm August day I got admitted to ER. I blacked out twice. Didn’t even know it until I woke up surrounded by family. Due to legal reasons I can’t tell you all that happened, but lies got told and money became an issue. From that moment on I was no longer an employee of a certain eye care provider. She was sneaky. She was a liar, a user, and very anal. ***Never work for an asian woman who is nearing her 40’s, no kids, no man, and no family. Great gift giver, horrible employer.

Less than 2 months I was employed again!Β  I got a job that allowed me to hire my cousins and best friend. Then we all got laid off in January, soo I guess that wasn’t the best decision. Now I’m on the computer everyday applying for jobs, revamping my resume, and contemplating prostitution. I’m not in Nevada, but I will damn sure make it there if I have to.

I must say this. I have gotten more interviews than a person who recently graduated form college. Now ain’t that about a bitch! Too bad nobody hired me 😦 DAMN you (insert company name). You were my dream job and never called me back. I really do feel like a prostitute; except we never slept together and I never got paid. Anywho I’m unemployed and have a blog let’s see where this journey takes us.

Mary Joseph Jr.