When I wrote RelationShits I was obviously angry and bitter.  Those emotions have changed. I’m human and female so my emotions can possibly change as often as I blink. lol I still think most people cheat, and that I’m not ready/stable enough for a relationship. Anywho here’s a little sneek peak inside my love life.

Short version. I like this guy and he likes me and we’ve known each other for a few years. Now it sounds all swell and dandy especially since the feeling is mutual, but it isn’t. We have never been in a relationship. We go on dates, we spend time with each other, and converse about worldly matters. He is the missing puzzle piece to my love puzzle. Unfortunately I can’t call him mine.

A few weeks ago we celebrated his birthday. No title, no proposal, nada lol I know a proposal is far-fetched, but a girl can dream can’t she? We were holding hands, i think we smooched , and acting silly; you know the normal couple thing people do. Afterwards I sat back and thought WHAT THE FUCK AM I DOING?/ WHY AM I DOING THIS AGAIN? I always get overly emotional with him, and the us thing. Then I remember what I told my friend a few days prior. “Live in the moment” And at that very second I began to live in the moment.

I know I’m looking/wishing/hoping a Mr. Right would come along, but until then my Mr. Moment is working out just fine. So excuse my previous blog RelationShits, but I had to get it off my chest. I was just fed up with not getting what I thought I wanted. I won’t be happier in a relationship.I am wanted, craved, desired, and loved. I am woman hear me roar seeems to fit perfectly after that statement. lolol Mr. Moment gives me everything I need at the right time. Would I be getting that in a relationship? Probably not. Mr. Moment works for me.

Mary Joseph Jr.

Happy Birthday Mr. Moment