It feels so good not to go on craigslist, indeed, usajobs, monster, etc. to look for jobs. I woke up feeling great. Although I haven’t began working, I don’t have to look for work anymore. HALLELUJAH! I GOT A JOB!!! Does anyone know how time consuming that was? DO YA?! lolol I felt like I was working 8 hr days looking for jobs. I don’t know how I’m going to balance a full time job, and go to school.

Life gave me lemons and I made champagne lemonade. Now I have so many more opportunities I can partake in because I am employed. I pray that it is a good fit for me, and it feels like it will be. The manager loves me so far and I haven’t even proven my skills.Β  I definitely will not disappoint considering the pay is the best I’ve ever been offered or even considered!!

YAY!!! I’m just so excited and thrilled. Normally I am nervous to start a new venture in my life, but it just feels right. I haven’t arrived to my peak, but the steps I’m taking are getting me closer. πŸ™‚

Mary Joseph Jr.