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This was the very first bit of relationship advice I’d ever posted online in my 1st blog. I’m posting it here today because it looks like it all the advice remains true. *Drum Roll Please*

Here are Mary Joseph Jr.’s Top 10 Relation’Ship Tips

1. Don’t pretend to be into your significant others hobbies. Eventually your true colors will come out.

2. If a person tells you he/she isn’t looking for a commitment, BELIEVE THEM!! You can’t force a person into commitment. So write it down or tell a friend. It forces you to accept that he means he/she isn’t ready!

3. Keep your options open for at least 3 months before deciding to be exclusive. It takes at least 90 days to even begin to know what someone is like.

4. You can’t force someone to cut ties with their past (i.e. friends with an ex) All you can do is tell them how you feel about it and if they respect you, it’ll change.

5. Watch your mouth in times of anger. People forgive, but don’t forget.

6. PLEASE * LADIES* don’t ditch all of your friends because you got into a relationship!!!! Space is healthy and no one can be responsible for your happiness!!!

7. Love doesn’t conquer all. Sometimes incompatibilities just won’t go away.

8. Life is long. Sometimes the timing is just wrong. Take a break it doesn’t mean you won’t be together at some point.

9. If you do slip up and CHEAT, think very hard before you confess. Sometimes coming clean does more harm than good.

10.Sometimes the sex just isn’t that great. Speak up ladies and gents. Tell your partner what you like, want to try, and hopefully it’ll be great. Staying quiet just means 15 more minutes of lame sex.

These tips should make your relationship better. If they don’t, you need to dump your significant other. lol j/k

Mary Joseph Jr.