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Two memorable men from the Bay Area who changed the way we think and play passed away this week. I wasn’t going to post about these men, but I realized they’ve impacted my life.

First the announcement of Steve Jobs (pictured left) death. Whomever believes he didn’t affect you, you are wrong. Not only did he invent one of the first computers and programs, but he reinvented how we use technology. The IPod and Itunes changed the music industry. The IPad, IPhone, Mac, these are inventions that changed our technological way of thinking. He was an important factor in our world. He will be missed.

Steve Jobs (February 24, 1955 – October 5, 2011)


Today Al Davis (pictured right) the owner of the Oakland Raiders passed away. I was born a die hard Raider fan. Silver and Black run through my veins thanks to my parents love of football especially, Raider football. This man created a new way to play, coach, and own a football team. His most memorable quotes “Just Win Baby” and “Commitment to Excellence” will remain near and dear to every Raider fan.                                  Al Davis (July 4, 1929 – October 8, 2011)

These men created new worlds for the football industry and technology industry. I can only hope I am able to touch and contribute to the world as these men did. Even if I can’t do it for the world, I would be happy changing the life of one person.

Mary Joseph Jr.