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I love having older friends. Someone once told me I have an old soul. I definitely believe its true. Although I enjoy hanging out with my peers, I also enjoy hanging out with an older crowd. Plus they will pay for you if you don’t have any dinero!

Last night I hung out with my 30+ crew. No its not 30+ people, its women who are over 35 (more like over 38). A few months back, my cousin invited me to hang out with her friends. Ever since then, I’ve just kept hanging with them. Everytime I hang chill with these women I get knowlegde. They share information about money, men, and careers. They all come from different walks of life. From not having any children to being an ex-con. (Yes!!! Not for murder though)

I learned in the short months of knowing these women, not to judge a book by its cover. Just by glance you wouldn’t believe the trals and tribulations these women have gone through. The older I get, the more I realize I’m not like the average person my age. At veintitrés I should be partying, clubbing, sexing, stexting, etc. That doesn’t interest me anymore. I’d rather go on wine tours, travel to Rio de Janiero, or knit. lol

I think the unemployment blues took a toll on me. I had to learn to entertain myself without spending too much money. Clubs are an automatic $50/ night. I’d rather spend $50 on some shoes! I also learned from these women to have fun and not spend an arm and a leg. Now that I have a great  REALLY GOOD paying job things might change.

WHO AM I KIDDING?!! That first paycheck is going to Union Square(SHOPPING). My birthday is in December (RED BOTTOMS) and Christmas is coming up. For the next few months, I will be re-stocking my closet, eating at nice restaurants, and probably go clubbing. I still want to go on wine tours, RIO, and knit (I love knitting). I do miss my friends, who I disappeared on because I needed to get my shit together. Well, its together and chicas I’m back!

I’m 23, no kids, no man, no rent (yet), and A JOB in the CITY! I’m going to live like no tomorrow. I’ve been in a slump for the past year. FUCK IT! This past year has been the biggest lesson for me. I’ve gone from something to nothing to something back to nothing and now I’m feeling FABULOUS!

This post was suppose to be about the benefits of having older friends. Then I had my A-HA moment. Once Monday comes, a new Mary Joseph Jr. will be born. Everything I’ve learned from the older women, I will defnitely remember and use. I have to remember that I am young and should enjoy life. So that’s what I’m gonna do!

Outtie 5000 (I’m an old soul lol)
Mary Joseph Jr.

BTW –> I think my alter ego, Nikkeyonce (the party girl), will come out! Every bachelorette needs an alter ego. It makes life more exciting especially during holidays and birthdays! 😉