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Sometimes I just miss that guy. It’s been several weeks since I decided to part ways. For a minute songs, places, or movies triggered immediate thoughts of him. Lately I’ve been having this gut feeling to call him. I wanted to call him for professional purposes, but I’ve stopped myself. Why? Because I didn’t want professional and personal issues to cross. Now this instinct I have to call him are driving me crazy. fuck.

Sometimes I wish we were in a relationship. Yes, timing was wrong. No, we weren’t individually stable. UGHUHUGHUHG I just knew if we would have gotten that title, PRESENT DAY would be thebomb.com. Maybe it wouldn’t have. How we formed was trife. How I felt for a long time was trife. Then I started falling. We started falling for each other. shit.

Sometimes I know my decisions & assupmtions about him were right. Certain things just can’t be coincidental. My mother always told me to marry your best friend. Yes, I saw him as long term. Did he see the same? I don’t know. I can only tell you what I know and feel. If we are both single in a few years our paths cross again, who knows. damn.

Sometimes I hate being emotional. Thank goodness for blogging. Hopefully soon and very soon I’ll be dating. I need to get over this guy and under a new one. JK!

Mary Joseph Jr.

BTW Today was my second day of work. It went very well. So far my manager and co-workers are impressed with me. YAY! I kne this was an area I knew well and would do an excellent job. I’m really thrilled to see what happens.