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I’m off until Monday 🙂 YAY! My boss is super smooth. She’s out on vacay and didn’t want me there holding down the fort alone. So I get to catch up on my shows, blog, and relax.

Earlier today I called him; actually it was a text message. I kept it professional and didn’t ask any personal questions. I got the answers I needed. Yeah, its a wrap. lol I’ll  use him for professional services.

Last night when I blogged, I was on an emotional downward spiral. I realized most aspects of my life are on the right track except my love life.  I’ve been single for 3 years. I never made myself available for anyone in those 3 years. Why? Because I got stuck in limbo with Mr. Moment. That’s all he was, a moment. He wasn’t my present, future, or lifetime.

No one is my present, future, or lifetime. I can do anything with anyone at anytime. Especially now that I have some steady mula coming in. I can’t worry about being single, in love, or whatever the case may be. I worried for so long about finding a job, then I stopped worrying, and found a great job. I shall do the same in regards to my love life.

This female emotional shit is really bothersome. I’m going to blame this on the red sea nearing. lolol Tomorrow I’ll probably want someone to cuddle with. DAMN SHAME.

Mary Joseph Jr.