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What a fucking weekend! I don’t really know what happened Wednesday. Thursday I worked for my mom and then came Friday. Everything began FRIDAY!

Friday was the day I saw Mr. Moment. I went to his job to sign up for something. ANYWHO It wasn’t awkward or unusual. Afterwards I told him we should chat which we did. He knew that I was right! He knew that the unneccessary bullshit he put through emotionally was unhealthy for me. He apologized. I was so stuck I didn’t know what to say afterwards.

I am aware that he isn’t that guy for me, but like I said in a previous blog I must live in the moment. After the short talk we went out for drinks with his co-worker and her friends. Why and how did I sign up for this? I don’t recall. Everything just felt kosher between us, so I just went with the flow. I can honestly say he is the only man that I’ve met who has passed the 80/20 rule. It was such a fun night with him. We hung out all night and just had a blast.

Saturday was great. I was able to see one of my friends. She and I talked from 8pm to 3am. Love, life and all the bullshit that comes along with it. It was a much needed conversation and reconfirmed our friendship. She is such a strong lil lady. I know she can accomplish any and everything she puts her mind to. It’s inspirational. When we were talking about relationships she really made me think of Mr. Moment. We each have a Mr. Moment. lol I hope within the next few months to a year we can get these relaionship issues out the way.

Today, Sunday, was game day. I went to a Raiders game with my dad and sister. I definitely enjoyed my time and can’t wait to go to another game. I’m so tired and ready to start my work week. Yes, I have so many things I need to accomplish and making money will help me. Slowly but surely I’ll be checking off things on my To-Do list.

OK I gotta rest up for my 9-6 in the ciiittaaay! 🙂
Mary Joseph Jr.