It’s that time of the night again. #blogtime

I am so ambitious. I know what will be accomplished withing the next year. I have talent exuding from my pores. I sweat power, I smell like strength, and NO ONE will block my blessings. Really 85% of my posts hve been about my love or lack there of, but thats just a part of life. I can’t wait to see myself in a year. Like I’ve said before once I get a job, I’ll be able t accomplish a lot more things. Why? Because what I want to accomplish requires money.

My mother has inspired me to reach for the fucking sky. YES, my objective for 2012 is to purchase m first piece of property. Is it possible? Yes. Thankfully I have a job that has started me at a very nice salary. Everything I do is just a stepping stone to achieving my goals. Yes, I will have my college degree. Yes, I will own propety. Yes, I will get a novel published. Yes, I will get married. Maybe I’ll have kids. Yes, I will travel.

I’m 23. I still have a so many opportunites available to me. I am going to own stocks. My determination is far beyond this world. I’ve been through hell. I know what its like not to have anything. I know what its like to want to take your life, to feel alone, have no friends, turn your back on everyone because SHIT just isn’t going your way. Honestly if I didn’t believe in GOD I wouldn’t be here. Praying for change, making things happen, and not worrying. Yes, I gave up but the very moment I did I was blessed with my new job.

 I know I’ll be able to help my family and friends out because of this oportunity. Yeah its just a job not my career. Who knows it might lead me to my career. I know that if I can sacrifice by FORCE then by choice will be no problem. All I want everyday is just to wake up and have a peaceful day. Of course I want Louboutins and all the name brand shit, but in the long run how is that going to benefit me? My feet will hurt and I’ll no longer be able to fit into the name brand shit.

I’m out
Mary Joseph Jr.