I told him in 6 months he’s going to want to date me. I told myself in 2 weeks I’ll begin my world domination. Not THE world, but MY world. I’m taking my life back over. I’ve been a friend, lover, sister,aunt, broke, hurt, hospitalized, weak, upset, and now I’m strong. I no longer occupy my mind with matters that won’t make or break me i.e. sex, Mr. Moment, money, friends, even family. Everyone has their own life to live. I can only contribute to those who want me in their life.

This bachelorette is tired of the bullshit. Now, I am going to be SHITTING on folks. Anyone who has ever doubted me is definitely adding fuel to my fire. Anyone who has ever talked mad SHIT about me is adding fuel to my fire. I’m not trying to prove anything to anyone but mself. Everything I’ve ever gotten I’ve worked for. My life may seem cushioned, but its far from it.

There are several things I have learned over the course of this past year.

1. Prayer changes.
2. Fuck ni***s & bitches, GET MONEY.
3. Love only exists on TV.
4. Sex really is a mental thing.
5. Everything happens for a reason
6. Trust your gut feeling. It’s like a teaser from GOD.

The 3rd one is bs, but the rest remain true. It’s late, clse to my bedtime, and I’m lonely. No one will understand what this first paycheck will mean to me. It’s the down payment on my adulthood. Today was the day it registered that I’m working a job, this isn’t my career. That’s okay thugh because this is a stepping stone toward my career. It seems like the medical field is still haunting me. FML. I fucked over going to nursing school twice. Third must be a charm. lol and yes I’m saving that for another blog.

I’m out I need to eat and sleep.
Mary Joseph Jr.