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This morning was my morning to do nothing! It’s Saturday, my weekend is here, and I have the right to not do shit. I tried to catch up on all my NBC shows (Whitney, Up All Nigt, Parks & Recs, and The Office), but the fuckers haven’t loaded them on demand. So I decieded to catch my HBO Shows. Then I remembered I already sae Boardwalk Empire and Board to Death. Luckily I hadn’t seen Enlightened. Yes, another good episode!

After the show was off I saw a preview for the Lifetime movie Five. OMFG. I missed it two weeks ago and was so glad someone in the ONDEMAND heavens was on my side. That shit made me cry. I shouldn’t have referred to the movie as shit because it was very touching. Charolette, Mia, Cheynne, Lili, and Pearl will remain near and dear to my heart. These stories were written, acted, and directed perfectly.

In case you don’t know what the movie is about, its about Five different women who get diagnosed with breast cancer. It hits close to home because my aunt had breast cancer. Yes, had as in she passed away from complications. That might be why I cried like a biatch. Honetly it’s too early in the morning to be crying like a biaatch.

Anywho I have a lunch meeting with Mr. Moment.Β  We shall see how this goes. I don’t expect anything not even for him to pay for my meal. I’m just going for good company and hopfully a laugh or two. OKAY here I go again but I know nothing will come from him and I. If it does then I think the world will be shocked. I’m just living in the moment.

I’m out (<I think that’s my tagline)
Mary Joseph Jr.