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Tonight was one of those nights. I told Mr. Moment that was his nickname and he loved it. Too bad I’m moving him into Mr. Just Friends zone. So, after I saw him for lunch I decided to hang with a few of my gal pals. Do I regret it? No. Do wish they made better choices? HELL YEA.

I definitely can’t judge anyone’s relationship. I’m currently not in one and the man, Mr. Moment, I was once in love with was also in love with my ex- friend. Yes, that’s how triffling we were and its too long of a story to post tonight. Like I said, I can’t judge anyones relationship, but I definitely have a sixth sense for relationships. Men with kids, marriages, immigration issues, are BIG NO NO’s in my book. Yes, you can date a man with kids but you better have proof that him and the child’s mother are completely done. Would I? Naw. Been there, HATED it.

I just can’t be in an unhappy relationship by choice. THEFUCK? Are you serious? That is a sign of weakness to me. Love is patient, Love is kind, and Love is blind. There should be no reason to be unhappy by choice. I’ve never loved a man more than myself and I never will. Maybe that’s why I’m single. Yes, I’ve put up with bullshit before, but I’ve learned from it and moved past it.

Mr. Moment is a prime example of it. I’ve learned from that mistake, can now comfortably call him a friend, and be kosher. In fact, I will stop referring to him as Mr. Moment. He doesn’t make me feel tingly, or special, or take my breathe away anymore. Strange I wish he did, but he doesnt. He’s just another friend.

At the end of the day if you’re happy, I’m happy. I’m not going to be mad you’re dating a married man, or complain about you lover lying. I don’t care anymore. I can’t. I have my own life to deal with and my own love life to figure out. I’ll still be a friend who will listen; but if you ask for my advice, think twice. I”ll give it to you straight NO CHASER.

I’m out.
Mary Joseph Jr.