I’ve been FB free for almost a year. I refuse to reactivate my page, but lately I’v been having urges to log on. Yes, like a crackhead has urges for crack; I had an urge to log onto FB. I didn’t do it though. It’s too many people and too much bullshit on there. No matter how you slice it or dice it Facebook is some bullshit.

I remember the days it was used for college kids to connect. Then it became the place for your job to promote itself. Then moms and dads began logging on. WTF? Old folks doing too much online vs young folks doing too much online. Which is worse? They are both terrible to some degree.

Once I lost my job I didn’t feel a need to be on fb. I didn’t feel attached to the world. I didn’t have anything to give to the world so why be a prat of it.. It’s taken me a long time to log back into twitter and to blog. FB has still been the one I haven’t quite conquered. To log on or not to log on? That is the question.

The one thing I am afraid of when I log on is seeing HIM interact with WOMEN. I guess that still turns my stomach. Fuck that just means I still have unresolved issues. FMLL (fuck my love Life)

I’m out
Mary Joseph Jr.