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Tracey Ullman has always been a comedienne I’ve admired. I recall growing up and watching both of her shows. She’s always had that umph about her. Maybe it was the characters that drew me in like a moth to a flame; or maybe it was because she was the first woman I recall having a phenomenal show. She was and still is the ULTIMATE comedienne to me.

This morning approximately 5:50 am I woke up to Tracey Ullman’s 2005 standup. It brought back memories of seeing her for the first time. I lauged as if I hadn’t seen the show before. It reminded me of what I’ve always wanted to do, meet Tracey Ullman. It may sound like a childhood dream I should give up, but I’m not.

Another comedienne I’d love to meet is Lucille Ball. Obviously I can’t because ya know she’s kicked the bucket. Lucille Ball was the end all be all. Do I really need to explain? I just love Lucy! lol

One of these days…One of these fricking days I’ll do stand up. Why? Because if Lucille Ball and Tracy Ullman can do it, I can! lolol Honestly its on my bucket list. I have some stories and characters that will crack you UP. I only say that because people tell me I’m funny. Do I believe it? Now I kinda do. For a long time I didn’t, then I was voted class clown, and that pretty much sold me.

I consider myself a fluffy funny chick. I’m not fat. Precious is fat.. Naw she’s OBESE, financially and phsycially. Lucky COW! I can’t really compare myself phsyically to any celebrity. Don’t believe me? Check out my twitter pic. Anywho I’ve been up for 2 hours, I’m hungry, and need to wash clothes.

I’m outtie 5000
Mary Joseph Jr.