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Okay UNDER the weather is an understatement. I’ve been off and on work and I hate it! I’m still new and this is ridiculous! I’ve had enough time off to re-re-evaluate my life. Yes, I’m evaluated my life three times. Damn Shame huh?  What’s worse is I’ve tuned into Maury at 2pm. Should I care if you’re the father a man, or have a serious obsession with you mother’s husband?…I’ve obviously been understimulated lately.

ON A BRIGHTER NOTE! I got my first real adult paycheck and almost passed out. Have I spent any of the money? HELLS YEA! The last paycheck I got I had buyer’s remorse. This time, HELL TO THE NO!!!! Thank you online shopping =) Next up is hair and nails! I can’t wait until I have my hair done, nails done, everything done that Drake says in his songs lol.

Watch out ladies and gentlmen ITS A NEW DAY. I can’t wait until I get back 100%. I have a feeling Nikkeyonce will definitely be making a GRAND appearance soon. Especially since December 1st is my bday. 🙂 I’m about to cut loose, shake my ass, drop it like its hot, and my it rain on myself! haha I crack myself up.

Alrighty I’m off to drink some tea
Mary Joseph Jr.