After my Treat Yo Self Day, I decided to hang with a couple buddies of mine. By a couple of buddies I mean Mr. Moment and one of my chicas. Before my girl met up with us, Mr. Moment and I were chit chatting. He drops a bomb.com on me. He’s going to NY next month. The only thing I know that’s in NY is the ex bff of mine. We all had a falling out and now she and I no longer speak. It is what it is at this point. So my heart broke a tiny bit. A lot of jealousy and anger rose through my veins when he said that. It definitely became drink time after that!!!

I realized as I sipped my Strawberry Mojito that I can’t trip off him and her. Just because she and I couldn’t continue our friendship doesn’t mean he and she can’t. hmmm I smell maturity. So I stopped tweaking and enjoyed my weekend. PERIOD. THE END. NEXT. I drank, ate, might’ve puffed a little something, and had a merry time. *Disclaimer* I don’t puff the magic dragon all day, every day. I wanted to relax and I did!

After we ate and drank, Mr. Moment suggests we get a room. It was raining terribly, we had been drinking, and as long as there were two beds I was set. I know you’re thinking this dumb bitch. What kind of spell does this guy have over her? Umm it just logically made sense. I lived about 30 miles from where we were and I dislike driving in the rain. I was sold plus the room had 2 beds!! WHOOOP! I’m #winning or so I thought.

We go to the room and I’m feeling like a rockstar. We drink a little more, puff a little more, and chillax. As soon as I get comfy in MY bed this fucker comes over. He wanted to be all touchy feely. He wanted some ass and thanks to my lovely lady cycle HE WASN’T GETTING ANY. He wouldn’t have gotten any if I wasn’t on either. I was so turned OFF by it all. Like its really dude? You fuckin serious? You don’t want me. I can’t have you. Now you want to try to kiss me, hug me, snuggle, all THAT SHIT! PLEASE save it and go to your bed.

He never went to other bed, neither did I. I was so tired form being up almost 24hours I somehow fell asleep in his arms. I woke up next to him. The only thought I had when I woke up was ”WOW he’s such a great friend, my panties are still on”. I don’t think he’d take advantage of me especially on my drip drop, but drinking changes people. I can’t say I had a relapse and began craving him again. It was just two friends sleeping next to each other and acting responsibly.

Mary Joseph Jr.