Well, it’s that time again. BLOGGGGTIME! Where do I begin? This Thanksgiving has been so fucking adventurous I don’t know where to begin.

I’ll start on Wednesday.  After I worked 8 hrs( + a 2 hr commute) I went on a 100 mile road trip to see Wale perform. It was actually 200 miles roundtrip. I was tired, cranky, we didn’t have both tickets, my phone died, and just hella shit happened. Was I happy? Eventually because I realized I didn’t have to work in the morning! I had never been sooo fucking tired in my life. Was it worth it? It definitely became worthy of a story. He didn’t perform the songs I wanted to hear, which of course isn’t his fault. I got an as crack view of him and realized HE’S going to know who I am one day. Not on some groupie status, but because of my talent.

The next day on my adventure was Thanksgiving Day. I slept until 12 and picked up mac n cheese from my cousins house around 2. Somehow while I was at her house I had some wine and eggnog. Sounds like a bad combo, but I was loving it. Once I got back to my family’s house I retreated to my room. I already told them I just want to sleep espeically after the festivities of the ight before. Somehow more and more people showed up, a bottle of wine got opened, and I ate, drank and slept. I honestly don’t recall much of Thanksgiving.

Yesterday, Friday was another fun-filled day. I worked 9-6, got a call at 4 that my Vegas bestie was in town, and abruptly got excited. I hadn’t seen her in YEARS and if we didn’t hang she would kill me. She’s one of thse people I can not talk to for a few weeks to months, but when we pick up its like nothing’s changed. We went to a local bar/lounge, drank, danced, mingled. I swear all the special needs men tried to hit on us. #NOTOK. I did give my number to an asianesque male. 🙂 I was feeling generous lolol.

This is the first weekend I’ve felt like an adult. lol I know I’ve been one for several years now, but financially and emotionally its all caught up. I’ve never been hit on by so many guys at one time. It was very nice 🙂 I exuded confidence and its definitely getting noticed.

mary joseph jr