This will probably be my last post before my birthday. Somehow in between starting a new job, getting sick, and rebuilding my confidence; I’d forgot to make bday plans. I’m at that age where its just another fucking year. I have to work, its not a holiday, half of the people I know forget it, and I always pump myself up. #overIT All I want to do is sleep on my bday, but I have to work. I don’t want anything from anyone.

On Saturday a few of my closest friends will gather together in the suite that I paid for, eat food I bought, and drink liqour that I purchased. Does that grind my gears? Kinda,but it is what it is. I really wish someone would’ve planned something for me. It would’ve been nice to be surprised and not cash out for other people.

Between you and me blogland; I plan to chillax by myself all morning on Saturday. I have an early check it, its right near a shopping area, and I just need to re-boot. Treat Yo Self 2011 Part Deux. Then I will be prepped for whatever the night has in store.

Honestly, I didn’t think I would make it to the end of the year. If my health issues wouldn’t have taken me from this earth, I might have. I was in such a deep depression for such a long period of time there was no other way out. I was so consumed with all the negativity in my life, I never saw the positive. When I did, it all changed.

I’ll be 24 on December 1, 2011. Nothing will change but my age. I still have goals I need to accomplish. Hopefully I can check more off in my 24th year of life.

Mary Joseph Jr.