When and how did this shit happen? What shit might you ask? LOOK AT THE TITLE! When did it become so acceptable to be a mistress? Some folks take that title in pride or even confuse it with girlfriend. I just don’t understand it. At the end of the day, the wife will always have final say so. The wife will always reign supreme especially if they have kids.

I have two friends, YES 2, who are mistresses and it doesn’t bother them. I was surprised at first, but the situations they are in aren’t “dangerous”. Green card marriages if you catch my drift. Do I accept it? Yea, its their lives. It doesn’t affect me at all. Do I approve? Na, but that’s just my moral code.

Once upon a time marriage was considered sacred. Somehow cheating has become the norm and all the bells and whistles that come along with it. Between the movies and music geared toward’s cheating, sideline ho’s, and boyfriend #2’s the world is morally fucked.

I’m Just Saying
Mary Joseph Jr.