Okay this blog post is solely dedicated the conversation/moment Mr. Moment and I had. The conversation was more like me venting, him listening, and not judging. I didn’t cry in front of him like I’ve done in the past because I didn’t want be any more vulnerable than I already was. He asked me to stay the night. I said no He wanted to take me to one of the BEST breakfast spots in the morning. Again I said no. He asked me to spend the night again. I declined again. For the first time in a long time He WANTED me. I think he wanted to console me. I think he didn’t want to sleep alone. The fact is he was the one wanting me, and I declined him. Role Reversal! Not that he’s ever declined me except for a relationship lolol. What was once my weak spot is now hardening. He’s definitely a good friend, someone I like to kiss on, and Β great listener. Due to current circumstances I’ma just go with the flow with him. Everything has changed, but he’s still a stable figure in my life. #GoFigure As much shit that we’ve gone through he’s always there when I need him. Just like another male friend of mine whom I’ve never slept with. Hmmm It’s bed time or I’ll be blogging all night.