Baby I’ll paint the sky blue, my greatest creation was you

Blue Ivy Carter. Yeah I’m writing about the newest celebrity baby. Actually I’m writing about the song Jay wrote. So this song just makes me want to fall in love, get married, have children, and have no cares. This song just makes me smile. I’ve been replaying it all day long. I had no clue Jayonce (Jay Z * Beyonce) had their child. I’m a huge Beyonce fan if you can’t tell from my alter ego, Nikkeyonce. Out of all the bullshit I’ve been going through lately its nice to listen positive music. I want that feeling that Jay and Bey have. The purest form of love. The purest form of innocence. Glory. Glory. Glory.

All I’ve been experiencing lately is heartache, pain, confusion, depression, anger, negative energy. Somehow this song is just opening my heart/mind to positive energies. When I’m positive, nothing stops me. Music is that one outlet that can bring me out of my slump. Hopefully this isn’t just a moment. Hopefully I can continue to smile without listening to this song.