These past few days have been fantastic. I’ve spent time around my family. I embraced the love my family had to offer. OHMYgosh it was so needed. I laughed, I drank, and I didn’t cry myself to sleep! YAY! Thoughts of him seemed to disappear until about 30 minutes ago. So instead of texting him I’m blogging. πŸ™‚ This is why BLOGGING > TEXTING

*Breaking News*

I may possibly have a new client? (I’m unsure what term to use) I’d be booking gigs for her! I’m so excited! She’s in NY was formerly signed with Bad Boy aka Diddy’s Empire. YEAH!! I really hope that she wants to work with me. I believe that would be the life changing opportunity I’d need. Once this Della show comes I may really feel like I’ve made it, but I know that’s not the case. That moment will last for probably 10 minutes.

I’m glad I have something positive to blog instead of the recent negative posts.