I just ate a Big McNasty from McDonald’s and guilt kicked in. August of last year I began exercising and dieting. By December people noticed my weight loss. I still don’t see it. Lately I’ve been overeating because well look at my older posts lol. Now I just want a bikini body by May. Is it doable? Yea, if I had a gym membership. Because I don’t I either need to suck up to someone who has one to add me OR do it the way I’ve been doing, running stairs and my neighborhood. I saw my body in my mind lol and in order for me to get there I need to buckle down. Am I doing this for health reasons? No. I’m doing it all for vanity. Most women who lose weight don’t admit its to be vain, but I am. I need to call Janet Jackson cuz that chick can be fat as lard and then be thin as hell! Hmm if she tweets, I’m tweeting her.