That is the first, last, and only time I mention the Kardashians. I’m tired of hearing about the fucking Kardashians. Khloe’s biological dad is a hairstylist. Kim married a man for publicity, released a sex tape for fame, and has an amazing body(bitch). Kourtney keeps having little bastard children with a SOB. Kris pimps her kids. The little ones are turning into mini whores. Robert is a cutie and will get my nuggets anytime he wants them. Bruce is one face lift away from looking like Joan Rivers.  I wonder if their father was alive if they’d be doing this bullshit.

Has everyone forgot they are famous because the middle one fucked a B- singer, released the tape, and the mom used it to her advantage. Like come on, that damn Kris wanted fame more than her kids. I once had respect for her because she was business savvy, but no. She fucked a lawyer, had his kids, divorced him, then fucked an Olympian, had his kids, and now is milking her kids. Did she ever have a job?

Talented artists aren’t booking jobs because of those fricking reality stars. What’s being shown as reality is only real for rich people. I don’t have issues missing my flight so I just hop on my dad’s jet. GTFOH. I’d love to see a reality show with an unemployed person, a student, a single father raising his kids, a family dealing with death, SOMETHING unscripted and HONEST! Every reality show features wannabe actors, models, or rich people who want fame.I’ve never seen these people in pajamas with eye boogers. I’ve never seen these people walking around with no bra on. I’ve never seen these people fart, burp, NOTHING! Not that I want to, but that happens!

I do believe a few reality shows are honest. Why? Because I watch them weekly and adore the cast. You may not agree with me, but its my blog! Home Makeover Shows, Mob Wives, TI & Tiny, and True Life are my shows.  The rest of those Real Baby Mamas of Ex Sports Players in Large Populated Cities are phony. If I ever had a reality show, I’d be so damn embarrassing. You’d see me in all my glory. No bra, talking shit, wearing mismatch socks, washing clothes, and dealing with my nutty family.

Okay I’m done!