Have you ever gotten that feeling like you know everything has prepared you for this point in your life?  This past weekend was the Della Reese concert at The Rrazz Room. I was in the presence of greatness. Talent was exuding from the stage to the audience, and the love I received was incomparable. I have never blushed so much or been drawn to tears so often. I knew the moment I stepped into the venue this was something I can do for a long time.

I’m on the correct path. I am going to make my mark on this world. I just know everyone who has done something worth wild has been in their mid-twenties when they get noticed. Not saying my age has anything to do with it, but I’m in my “prime”. No kids, husband or boyfriend for that matter, & no major responsibilities. I can do anything. I will do everything so that one day (insert my name-J.E.) will be a name of greatness known nationally. I don’t need world wide domination, but the nation will know me. It won’t be because off acting, singing, dancing, but based on contributions I’ve made to change…let me stop myself.

I’m in a very happy place. It’s taken a lot to get here. The bet thing is I’m doing this for myself and by myself.