The reviews are in! DELLA REESE was AMAZING at THE RRAZZ ROOM! Do you know what that means? Well, for me it means I get to continue to work with team DELLA. My next task is to look for venues in THE BIG APPLE! I know that we want to have her out there late Spring/early Summer. I’m on a roll and expect to see results very soon.

Tomorrow I have a huge business call from NY. New York must be the land of opportunity. I have been waiting for this call for almost 6 months. This could be the global expansion of Delicious Skin!. HOLY SMOKES I am making deals at 24 that I never thought I’d be doing. Private labeling my family business will be the most significant move we’ve made with the business. I’m very proud of my accomplishments through this transitional phase in my life. I’m ready for bigger checks to come.

I have so much going on for an “unemployed” person. It’s fantastic and its giving me some sort of income! Just wait world I’m here and ready to takeover!

Mary Joseph Jr.