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And this is Delicious Skin! 

The business my family owns and operates. Yes, we are a bath and body manufacturer. Which means everything you see is hand made, wrapped, stirred, spun, etc.  I decided to blog about Delicious Skin! because I came across my new followers blog about LUSH. She had gorgeous pictures, and tons of comments and likes. I’m not expecting the comments and likes because I have a limited number of followers. I did realize I talk about the business, but have yet to show it. I’m very proud of the quality of product we put out. Hello have you seen the bath ice cream ?Yes it bath ice cream below

DO NOT INGEST. You can’t say this doesn’t look good enough to eat. Trust a few customers have tried and we stopped them right in time.

Aren’t the containers cute too??OKAY now look how creamy our body butter is. 

Just imagine getting out of the shower or bath and putting on this body butter. Baby, you might get some if you put it on seductively 😉 Not only does our product look good, its smells the bomb too. My signature scents are Hot Pink Pomegranate and Vanilla Champagne. This is how I keep catching guys lolol They smell me and instantly fall in love! …Okay that’s not completely true, but I’ve never been told I stink!

We sell our products at a variety of places, but we got our start at Farmer’s Market. We are still there to this day! This is our table with our soap, bath candies, and body butters.

Thanks for checking this out!
Mary Joseph Jr.

PS You can order online by clicking HERE.