I came on here to blog about the random shit that’s occurring in my life. Where do I begin? Is it with my brother and his girlfriend living under the same roof as me. Or do I start with these 3 events I’m working. Or maybe I should start with the funeral I have to go to on Friday. Or better yet, I’ll start with the DEAL of a lifetime. hahaha does anyone else have a fucking nutcase spiral rollercoaster life like mine? Yes? No? Maybe? Unsure? FML I do finally have something stable, a boyfriend!!!

I have a boyfriend. Yes, me Jess Mary Joseph Jr has snagged her a man. haha I’ve always wanted to say that. I’m so happy; us , he, me, WE are happy!! I feel wanted. He calls me to check on me, he calls me to tell me what he’s doing, HE CALLS ME!!! lol I’m not that good at that I guess. I kind of have bad hearing/ he mumbles, so I just feel like texts and face to face work best for me.

He’s exactly what I need at this time in my life. Do people know I’m in a ‘ship? No I’m surprisingly really private when it comes to my relationships. I remember my first bf no one knew for about 4 months. Not because I was “playing the field”, but because its OUR life together. Guys that I’ve dated I usually tell people about once we’ve stopped dating or nearing the end. I am really excited about him. He gives me butterflies. He makes me want to do better. It’s a feeling I’ve never felt before. OMFG I’m such a sucker.

Now that one portion of my life has become stable, the rest ill fall into place. That’s how it usually works. Hmm maybe that’s why I’m working on 3 events. Hmm maybe that’s why I’ll be speaking with a lawyer to private label Delicious Skin! Hmm maybe that’s why I’m a boss! lol I’m still looking for a stable job, something that will keep my bank account happy every two weeks. 🙂 In the meantime and in between time I got myself a boyfriend who does’t use term of endearments. What a wierdo right!!?? I’ll change that though 😉

Off to watch RuPaul’s DragRace