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I wish I was more in tune with fashion. Don’t get me wrong I know how to piece together an outfit, but I need some NYC fashion on my life. I’ve started reading two new blogs, Blake Von D and GabiFresh, they have been giving me life! I want to wear a cropped cranberry velvet jacket with a yellow maxi dress and some outrageous wedges! I want to COLOR BLOCK and mix my animal prints. Yes, I want to live, breathe, and wear NYC! On any given day you can catch me in jeans, a tee, and some boots/flats/heels. NO MORE!! It’s time for a change. I thought I was going to change by dying my hair, but no I need a style change!! More accessories(not those basketball wife earrings), bold colors, and less care about what people might think!

LOVE THIS HAT!! I have the perfect head for hats too lol

Although this dress is several month old, it is GORG!! I want it, will get it, and will find an event to wear it to!

These are so dope!!

Thanks NYC for inspiring me 🙂

Catch Me in Color