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I watched Behind The Music: Aaliyah. WOW. There is so much in the world I must accomplish. This blog was originally going to be about the conversation I had with the guy who introduced me to sex. I was going to divulge into a part of my life I have yet to on this blog, my sex life. Then I realized the world is already overly saturated with sex and drugs. Why contribute more to it? Then I was going to blog about my family situation, but why anger myself? I have become a negative person over the course of a week. Yet, somehow while watching the life of Aaliyah, its all dissipating.

This woman only lived 22 years, but accomplished the unimaginable for someone her age. Somehow I get this gust of passion when I watch entertainers accomplish so much at a young age. Then I start to doubt myself and wonder how special they are compared to me. These people have undeniable beauty, talent, strength, and determination. How could they have not been stars? I’m holding back my tears for Aaliyah because unlike every other entertainer that passed away, I have made it past her age. I have witnessed things she should have. I have learned things she never got a chance to.

I was 13 when she passed away, so most of her music was too grown. I knew her hits “One In A Million”, “Back & Forth”, “4 Page Letter”, etc… BUT I first fell in love with Aaliyah when I heard “Are You That Somebody”. I couldn’t have been more than 10 at the time and didn’t quite understand music lyrically at the time. But when that song came on it sparked electricity through my being. It could’ve been the coo-ing of a baby in the back ground that hypnotized me. It could’ve been Timbaland dropping a simple, yet effective verse. It was all of that, but Aaliyah’s radiant voice MADE that song. I remember seeing the video and wanting to learn to  flamenco dance and wear a long skirt with a slit up the side. I LOVED that song as a child. It’s still one of my favorite’s along with “I Care 4 You”,  and “We Need A Resolution”

I can’t say Aaliyah is my idol. I respect her craft. She was one her way to super stardom before it became so easy to get. She graced us with her gifts, but she was gone too soon. Anyone who passes away before they reach middle age is gone too soon. When I have a moment of doubt, I try to remember those who passed away at an early age. I personally knew two young ladies who dies too soon. One died before her 18th birthday a few weeks after graduation and the other who recently turned 21.  They are inspiration to press on. There is so much more to life than trying to get notoriety. Enjoying each moment with those that mater and truly mean the world to me. My entire mood changed while watching Behind The Music. Music sure knows how to make or break me. 🙂

Thanks Aaliyah!
Mary Joseph Jr.