I haven’t blogged in so long I feel out of my element. I have so much on my mind, the blog world wouldn’t understand half the shit I’d post. I’m adjusting to a new life without a mother. I’m adjusting to being in an adult relationship. I’m adjusting to this new family dynamic which is some bullsh. I’m re-evaluating friendships. Some people have had some strange intentions since my mother’s passing. It’s all an adjustment. I plan on moving out of state soon. I just got a phone call regarding a job interview in TEXAS. Unfortunately I can’t get out there this week to interview. FAWK The position isn’t the best, but it’s a start. I’m looking for a new beginning. I know it’s not in CALI unless I get some sort of development deal for a show. lololol I’m laughing, but oh so serious. I’m ready to break free without having a net (family) to catch me if I fail. Why waste time living if you don’t take a chance?

Mary Joseph Jr.