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he keeps me sane. he takes care of me. he loves me. point blank period. Through all of the shenanigans I’ve been through over the course of this year, he’s been my rock. =) After this past week(end) with him it just confirmed he’s where I want to be. We are so solid right now. I just didn’t expect to feel this way about him. I knew I loved him, but I think..maybe.. I fell in love with him (again). When its him and I nothing else matters. I’m on cloud 9 with him, can’t quite figure out why, and I don’t want to!!

Lately I’ve been on a people fast (thanks Ivy). What’s a people fast? It’s when you break free from people and their shit. No calls, text, no nada! I’ve been bombarded with break-ups, make-ups, hook-ups, pregnant/abortion drama, life, wives, but it’s all been bullshit. I am the shoulder, the ear, the advice giver to waaay to many people. This has been my role for many years, however I’m tired of it. I’ve taken on all these people’s issues so I wouldn’t have to face mine. Now that my reality has settled. FUCK ’em. I must be about self in order to become a better Jessica.  I’ve been able to break up with a friend (oh i want to call her all types of names which include; selfish bitch, stupid bitch, dumbass bitch, immature bitch, and my personal favorite ignorant ass selfish inconsiderate cunt). Question another friendship or two, but not trip off of them. It’s nice going to sleep and not hearing my phone go off all during the night.

All in all I’m in love and learning about my new self. This new chapter I call pre-25 has been a whirlwind. As long as those that I need are with me; I’ll be fine.

Mary Joseph Jr.