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SOOOOOO, yesterday was a fucking ridiculous day. It started off cool, but come mid-day shit got real. I’m a part time relationship counselor in my head and apparently in reality. I had to talk to a couple about their issues, how to working it out, yadayadayada. That wasn’t even where it begins. It began after they sat in my office (living room) and my brother’s punk fat ass bitch ass ho bag lazy fucking girlfriend/baby mother (whatver that bitch title is) came over. Now the day prior she went on a social site and started talking mad shit about my brother. I told my bro when I see her i’m going to confront her. She’s 36, there’s no need to disrespect my brother like that especially online like a young simple minded bitch. I talked to her in a calm manner, but that didn’t sit well with her. She started getting loud, wanted to fight me, and my brother stood around like a pussy. I was so furious I smoked a cigarette. If my mother was still living this shit wouldn’t be allowed or entertained. I just couldn’t believe how weak my brother was. All bets are off now. Fuck him, fuck her, I’m at a point where I’ma say fuck my nephew too. All I could say is REALLY???

After the bullshit, I went to the Kat Williams show. They kept referring to the show as the ghetto national convention and BOY was it. There were a few funny acts, John Witherspoon and the chick from London Gina Yashere. We even got a concert from Too $hort and Ritchie Rich. The ratchetness (i don’t use that term but it’ perfect here) began when a guy got kicked out during a comedians set. She was roasting this guy, but I felt bad because she couldn’t start let alone finish her set. Although she never told her jokes she had us in tears when she was busting this guys balls. Eventually it was Kat’s turn..OH that Kat Williams was high as giraffe pussy. He came on the stage at the beginning and mumbled some words before he left which headliners don’t do! Then he did jumping jacks, push-ups, paraded around the audience, and made it rain on women who had financial issues prior to his set. I knew he was high, but Too $hort confirmed after the second time he left the stage. This man got booed three times, did two “encores”, and never told a single fucking joke. By the end of the night he stripped down to his jeans and wanted to fight every pussy ass n*77^ in Oakland. If he heard you talking about him he was moving to that side of the stage to fuck you up! This was a train wreck I couldn’t turn away from. Kat Williams needs help! He needs friends, therapy, and rehab. His star has fallen. If he doesn’t get any help I think he’s going to pull a Whitney or Michael. =( Unfortunately I can’t find humor in this man’s tragedy. Normally I can because I see videos of celebs acting out, but seeing it in person is horrific.

So this was my Friday in a nutshell. If this is how my weekend started I can’t wait to see how it ends!!

Mary Joseph Jr.