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I have never been more excited to be out of an age than I have of this one. 24 fucking sucked. 24 had to have been the worst year of my life. I hope its the last time I ever have a shitty year. Only a few more hours till I’m 25. This is my first birthday without my mom. It’s the first time I won’t hear the the story of my birth. The vivid way she would explain how my dad took the long way to the hospital. Although I’ve heard it a thousand times before I would do anything in the world to hear her tell it to me again. I need to shut down early tonight before I lose my mind. I just got off the phone with my sister in tears. In a day I’ll be 25. In a day the pain of 24 will be gone. The anger, pressure, confusion, hopelessness will be gone. I firmly believe I’ll be starting this new chapter in my life at 25. No more excuses. Goodbye 24 and all the pain that came with it.

Mary Joseph Jr.