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I’m not sure if I’ve wished you a happy new year wordpress.. Wait, yes I did. My oh my how things are progressing. The job I have has officially become less stressful. Why? because I’m not working with the dipshits anymore. I’m so fucking thrilled about that! I will miss the boys I counseled, but I won’t miss the abuse and disrespect from my staff.

In other news I have rejoined the gym!! Yes, I am thrilled about that. My starting weight is……drumroll is between 173 and 169. Why don’t I know for sure? Because the MA that weighed me did it on two different machines, electronic and manual. I’m 5’4 and I am considered obese. I wear a size 14 on a good day, and XL or 1X depending on the material of the article of clothing. So, I have decided to change my life. I need to focus on bettering myself and one step is losing weight.

Aside from getting healthier physically I have also re-enrolled in college. I am on a mind- body transformation. I am ready to take on the world. I have no choice but to succeed in my educational goals and weight loss journey. I’m not trying to become a different person, I’m becoming a better me. The last thing I need to get inΒ  tune with is my sprituality. How? I guess read/follow more bible verses and stay true and honest to my nature.

Any tips on weight loss, spirituality, or school please let me know!