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WordPress has kindly reminded my that I’ve been blogging for two years. I am currently afraid to see what I’ve written about the past two years. I know most of it has been about heartache, pain, bettering myself, and creating some type of independence.

Two years ago I was 23, unemployed, going to school, single, and didn’t have many goals. Now at 25 I’m employed. lololol I have aspirations that I feel I can achieve now. These past two years have created the woman I am today. I

Enough about me, back to my two year bloggeversary. YAAAAYYY!! MUAH I love you wordpress for allowing me to just be me. I thank you wordpress for introducing me to amazing bloggers. I hope to be writing blogs for at least another 2 years! This is my personal forum. This is me, then. This is it! I love my blog, blogger buddies, and thanks again wordpress!