that moment when you get handed something that doesn’t belong to you and you have NO idea how to react so you just don’t. my oh my these things really happen to me. So in other news I hate my job. Hate is such a strong word, maybe I just strongly dislike it. There is so much drama I hear about at any given moment. I sometimes feel like I’m the therapist at this facility. There is a comfort people feel with me and decide too spill their guts about every damn thang. I know the ends and outs of the job and most of the secrets of my staff. Now my inner creative side is telling me to turn all of this information into a fictional novel. My activist side is telling me to call CCL and close the facility for the shit people are getting away with. However I currently need a job and this is paying the bills I do have. Until something better comes along all I can do is go with it. RIGHT?? I sure hope so. If not then this shit is for the birds and I need to become an entrepreneur and ball so hard mother fuckers want to find me lol. No seriously I need to have an outlet after work so I can vent. Blogging can’t be it due to HIPPA. That swing shift really fucks up my social life. I know I’m rambling on and on, but I haven’t blogged in a while due to job drama. I miss my blog and I’ll be back soon.

mary joseph jr.