Hello WordPressers!!! I have been so busy with school and work I haven’t had the opportunity to blog. In a year my life has done a 180! I’m so excited about all the new opportunities I’m a part of. Who would’ve thunk I’d be damn near on top this time last year?! I know I didn’t!! So with all the wonderful things happening I still have salt being thrown my way from so-called friends. I never understood people getting mad at me for not talking to them because I needed to get my life in order. #yaBISH. I’m not sour over that shit b/c if I were I’d be just like them. #noWAY (Thanks Kendrick Lamar for inspiring this blog and #’s)

Anywho before I start throwing shade at a bish (bitch) I’m just glad to be blogging again. I miss sharing great and terrible moments of my life. I love being able to read about what happened and how far I’ve come. My rocket has finally been launched and I’m soaring past the moon. =) Let’s see where I’ll be in another year. Married? probably Children? possibly =) lolol shit who knows?! I’ll fill ya’ll in on that in another blog.

mary joseph jr