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You’re still sorry huh? Can’t even be cordial without you apologizing for stupid shit. It seems like all I ever got from you was a sorry and I’m still getting them. The latest was the last. I never want to subject myself to a person so fucking selfish. Even when I try to befriend you, I still get bullshit thrown in my face.

You are a low son of bitch. Where love was, hate has grown. Let me not even lie. I don’t hate you. That would require my emotions to still be connected. I disconnected them shits long ago. I have no type of feeling towards you. Unfortunately for you when I feel that way my “give a shits” and “give a fucks” are no longer available.

I won’t stoop to your level and be vengeful. I’ll press forward and leave you in my past. The place that still holds your apologies. Even after all the shit we went through I was still a part of your support system. When you wanted to befriend me and I was hesitant I still did it. Silly of me.

You are the guy that makes women hate relationships. You are the guy that will never know how good you had it. Your self absorption is your downfall. Sorry will never ease the pain. Sorry will always be associated with your bad decisions. Sorry is a like putting a band-aid on a gun shot wound.

I’m sorry for you.
Mary Joseph Jr.