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He told me he only knew to touch his sister like that because his uncle touched him like that. I work with children who have experienced hell. I’m so numb to the issues the kids have now. How in the world can you became a “normal” or sane adult with these unresolved issues one has experienced as a child?

This job has and will always change my life. I can pinpoint a foster child a mile away. I can probably guess their story accurately about 85% of the time. Not all have come from terrible situations, but most have. The stories I’ve heard from these kids are mind shattering, life altering, and make me so thankful for my parents.

I’m afraid of our future leaders. The traditional family is broken because it does take 2 parents to raise a child. It takes loving people to raise a child. Not someone who tried to trap their significant other by becoming pregnant. Not someone who’s idea of love is torture. The idea of raising children with morals and values isn’t deflated, but it’s slowly getting there.

I want every child I interact with and counsel to break that cycle. Don’t become a part of the continued problem. Please become the solution. Seek help, talk about your problems, earn your degree, get a stable career, create the family you’ve always dreampt of. Don’t continue the evil sins that were bestowed upon you as a child.