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I want more. I want more. I really need more!!! I deserve more. FUCK THAT JOB! ha FUCK THAT DUDE! ha FUCK THE POLICE?! na I’m actually okay with OPD! So, with that being said I am turning over a new leaf. Yes, the time has come. I want my novel released. I want to be on the radio. I want to learn the ways of whoring.

I’m in my mid-twenties and have yet to live life. Why? Because I’m not a whore. Whores have it all including an exceptionally wide set vagina. That I don’t want! I’m going to change it all. Usually when I need a change I do drastic things to my hair. This time I’m doing a 180 on my life. I’m going to be working out so I can lose some of this chunk o fat off my body and possibly gain a nice ass. Not to be a whore, but to have the shape of a whore. A nice hour glass figure. lol That’s what they’re known for right?

I see all these people: bloggers,therapists, shit even hairstylists just LIVING my dream. Yeah my perception and reality might be a little skewed. Honestly, I’m doing better than I was last year, but I haven’t reached my full potential. I’m making my way there. This bachelorette should be writing about diving into blue seas in Anguilla or checking out New York Fashion Week. Not about the bullshit pay from the bullshit job that definitely is feeding my soul, but not my pocketbook. Whores don’t have to worry about living paycheck to paycheck and they travel often. I don’t think whores have any worries.

If I were more sinful would better things come my way? If I were a sex icon would things just fall into my lap? Who’s balls need a licking in order for me to not worry about finances? Okay I’m not KimK or other K-ian who will suck em dry for a come up. I work hard for everything I got. I know my time is coming. I fucking feel it. Maybe I don’t want to learn the ways of whoring, but I do want to know why some people just get it so frickin easy?

In an hour I’ll be making my way to the place that barely pays my bills. Will today be the day I quit? NOPE! Will today be the day I become someone’s MRS.? NOPE =( Today is the day I realized I’m over it! BS from men, my job, family, friends. #OVERit I’m single, 25, ready to become HER! Love is overrated & jobs are pointless.

Time for my next move.
Mary Joseph Jr.