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Most of my blogs are about what I need to do, well let me tell you what I’m actually doing. I am in the process of celebrating my mother’s life. It has taken some time to deal with her passing. It’s even been times when I even forget her existence. Sounds crazy huh? How can I forget about my own mother? Easy, life has to continue. Death doesn’t stop the world from turning. Death only stops your world for turning for a limited amount of time.

She passed away from a liver disease that was genetically passed on to me. I have many challenges ahead. I saw the damage it can do it me. I saw the way it crept up and took her out in less than a week. I want to change the world’s thoughts on this particular disease. I am the change.

My goal is to host a yearly event and donate funds to the American Liver Foundation. I have a few things set up; I’m just waiting on a confirmation from a venue. Once that’s in plan then I’ll be able to honor her. I won’t forget her.

I can’t lie it hurts seeing my friends with their mothers. It pains me to talk to someone else as if their my mother. It’s such a disgrace that I forgot about the woman who carried me for 9 months and raised me 24 years. If I don’t get this event planned for 2014 I’m afraid I’ll continue to forget her. I’ll lose every memory I had. I can’t forget her.

I miss you
Mary Joseph Jr