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In the dating world a weekend can be a huge game changer. This weekend was full of men and mayhem and I enjoyed every minute of it!

So, Option B must stand for bad breath. I invited him out to a friend’s birthday shindig. BAD MOVE!! OMG he must’ve eaten the ovaries of a dead alley cat. He spoke and my nose closed. I’ve never smelled a scent so rancid. I couldn’t even continue to talk or sit next to him. Not only was his breath on shit mode he also sat in a daze the whole night. I don’t like a man who can’t socialize when we’re out and about. That’s a big turn off. The first time he met my friends I expected him to be a little reserved; but damn it he’s met them several times Friday was the night to OPEN up! And he didn’t -__- I was so irritated that I faked being drunk in order to get away from him. I know he’s “that guy” on paper, but in reality he’s not going to complete me.

Then here comes Saturday. Option A hits me up which I knew he would. He invited me over for dinner and I brought movies. We laughed, we ate, we watched movies, he went to sleep, and I walked towards the door. Somehow this foolio heard me walking to the door, woke up, and asked if I was staying over. πŸ˜‰ ha I guess a girl can’t let THAT good ole D go just quite yet. lolol This guy, option A umm.. He uh I uh.. We ain’t shit. We have a solid friendship built over the course of 6+ years. Will it ever really be our time to make it last forever? I don’t know. I do know I had fun with the fella.

My dating life is full of shenanigans. At least my weekend wasn’t dull.

Mary Joseph Jr.