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The latest contestant on “Who wants to date this girl?” is losing. Unfortunately, this guy really has his shit together. He’s a teacher, pledged Sigma, owns a car, and lives in a highly respected area. What could be so wrong with him? Well, let me tell you!

In the several conversations we’ve had I have learned the following about this fella:
1. He’s a narcissist.
2. He gives out too many back handed compliments. i.e. You must be smiling when you think about me because your smile is too beautiful to waste on someone else.
3. Because he’s a narcissist he won’t let me get a word in edge wise. WTF?!? This lady likes to talk too!!
4. He has an air about him that is superficial.
5. Every point I made led back to him being narcissistic.
Out of all those 5 things he does the worst is that he calls me Ms. Chocolate.

I really can’t stand a guy who creates a nickname out of my skin tone. I already have the stigma of being a black woman of darker complexion. Every chance you get you want to call me Ms. Chocolate. Get THE ENTIRE FUCK OUT OF HERE! It’s not that you don’t remember my name, you have said it. It’s not that I haven’t told you to please call me by my name because I have. You have continuously chosen not to, therefore I am done with that ass!

Back to the drawing board I go. Option B is still on the table, and I have to keep that in mind. For some strange reason I thought incorporating a new guy to the dating circus of a love life I have would be great. However, its just another name I have to remember, story I have to recall, and number I’ll eventually delete.

Please don’t associate me with a cocoa bean!
Mary Joseph Jr.