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After quitting my job 3 weeks ago I finally got the call I wanted. I was so happy to hear Rebecca offer me this job. This job is a career move, salary with benefits. I knew I had it though. I took a leap of faith many people wouldn’t dare take without causing an uproar. I kept my head held high and stood behind my action. I chose quit. I chose to move ahead. I never applied for a job beneath me. Once I quit I told myself I can’t move laterally and when my next job comes it will be a career move. I accomplished both goals in less than a month.

My stepping stone was Refuge. I am thankful for working at Refuge and the experience it gave me. I am now able to decipher the differences between a professional non profit work environment and an amateur non profit.

I’m so happy. *cue “Happy” by Pharrell Williams* I wake up smiling. I go to sleep smiling. I want to share my positive energy with everyone around me. Everything is aligning in my favor. I’m blessed. I’ve been down in the dumps for too long. I know the “struggle is real”. I refuse to be a part of that struggle anymore.

I’m soooooo good =)